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About 2Goshi:

2Goshi is an experimental community driven token that aims to become the most important store of meme value on the blockchain. After an extremely successful launch and execution of the GaDoShi Project with over 6000 holders, the OG Creator of Dog Meme Coins on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is back. This time GaDoShi Nakamoto is deploying a bigger, better, and meaner V2 combining all the great aspects of the DEGEN world to launch our two meanest dogs into outer space.

The 2Goshi token includes an in-built burn deflationary mechanism, autonomous yield reflection to holders, sending tokens to Vitalik at deployment, burning tokens at deployment, small liquidity add and then a direct stealth launch into market for all humans and dogs to own 2Goshi. There is no room for whales in a dog park so we will apply a bot and whale preventer for first 200 transactions.
2 is always better than 1. With 2Goshi, we have twice the dogs, twice the rewards, twice the burn and twice the fun as compared to GaDoShi.

But wait, there is more! Don’t forget to read our 2% wall of fame sections and philanthropy twist sections. We are here to make a real difference in the world as well. Enough barking now, go get you some 2Goshi.

Our Highlights:

  • Twice the reward
  • Twice the burn
  • Twice the fun

2% reward to
all holders

2% burned depleting the supply

5% slippage minimum for transactions


Liquidity 20% 400.000.000
LGE 20% 400.000.000
Burns 20% 400.000.000
Philanthropy 20% 400.000.000
Wall of Fame 20% 400.000.000



Token Minting & LGE

Pancake Swap Launch

Burn LP Tokens – SAFU

Initial Push

Black Paper – Medium


Listing on Coin Gecko, Coin Market Cap

Community Events

Smart Contract Audit

Marketing Push


Listing on CEX

Partnerships with Farm and NFT mining

Identification of right Dog Shelters for Charity

Future Partnerships

The Self Sustained Community

Continue Strong Charity work

Listing on Top Exchanges

The Philanthropy Twist:

2Goshi is the meanest duo on Blockchain but they possess has the kindest hearts. At contract deployment, 20% of the 2Goshi tokens will be send to a Philanthropy Wallet that will accumulate rewards and grow in value as trading occurs.

1% of the tokens in this wallet will be converted to USDC once a week at an unannounced time. Finally, the accumulated USDC will be transferred to a Non-profit or an Organization helping with COVID Relief / Animal Causes or other philanthropic needs as decided by the community.

All transactions will be posted publicly on the website and the project telegram. By owning and trading 2Goshi, you will be helping the community along the way. 2Goshi is a Win – Win

1st COVID relief Transaction Link


We have burned 10% of the initial supply and will burn 2% at different market caps as listed below. The total tokens burned so far:

LP Burn

Liquidity Locked Forever



Upcoming Burns





2% Wall of Fame

We have sent each celebrity 2% of our tokens to help promote our cause.
The links to the BSC transactions are all below. The 2% developer token are locked for 1 year.


Andre Cronje

Soulja Boy



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